︎ csm magcd 2019 degree show

I was part of the 2019 csm magcd's degree show planning team. I helped in defining and articulating the conceptual approach to the degree show, which formed the basis for the other facets of it, such as communications, identity, spatial design etc. Specifically, I took responsibility for realising the concept and identity through the website.
Since the concept was based on the constantly shifting/changing/developing nature of our practices and fields, I wanted the website to represent the same. The background image of the home page was of the gallery we were displaying in and it would constantly change as the gallery changed and shifted to accommodate our projects.
I also wanted to have an index page which would have all the terms produced by the entire cohort. This index page was a way of digitally the representing the entire magcd 2019 cohort's work and development.

Built in collaboration with Mattson Gallagher and Flavio Mancini.

You can checkout the degree show website ︎here.